• Plastic waste, what happens with it?

    This question has become more and more important. Customerts asked us about it, but also within our own company, we started to raise questions about plastic waste. What could our role be in this, as a company that transports many containers of plastic around the world. What are our own responsibilities. We decided to try and answer those questions.

    In the past months we have been doing research about sustainability of packaging materials. Our intern Remko de Haan has done most of the work and was led by Matthijs van Oostrum. We have done research about bio-based materials, reducing plastic use / waste by down gauging materials, recycling, circular economy etc etc.

    During the research our interest has grown and the basics have become clear to us. However the solution is not simple and technological development is not good enough yet. But we have seen more and more possibilities and opportunities. We can seperate real improvements from solutions that sound sustainable, but in reality do not contribute.

    We have not found the holy grail of sustainable packaging yet, but we have found many ways to improve in various steps of the supply chain and the lifecycle of products.

    Are you interested to see the results of our research and if they impact your field of work too? Feel free to contact us, We love to share our knowledge.



  • Dutch Fresh Pack has won again at the Dutch Packaging Awards 2017

    In the catagory “Fresh Food”, Dutch Fresh Pack has won the runner-up award with the Grab & Eat stand-up pouch for Broderna Nilsson. This revolutionary stand-up pouch with integrated spoon excels in ease of use. The consumer can eat straight from the pouch with the integrated spoon. Of course we are proud that the jury has rewarded Dutch Fresh Pack again, among more than 120 entries.

    The presentation of the NL Packaging Awards took place on March 16 at Studio 21 in Hilversum.

    If you wish to recieve a sample of the Grab & Eat Pouch, please click here.banner-NL-awards-2017

    Dutch Fresh Pack, your partner for successful packaging!

  • Come and visit our stand at the Empack Den Bosch


  • Latest novelty: Scented Film

    Dutch Fresh Pack is proud to present our latest innovation: “Scented film”

    Create an exciting experiencefor your customers by using our scented films for your packaging.

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  • Digitally printed film

    Top Taste has created these beautiful samples with digitally printed film and matt varnish from Dutch Fresh Pack.

    Excellent technique to make samples for a retail presentation or small marketing campaign.


    The film has been printed on the HP Indigo 20.000 digital printing machine. This is the flagship within the HP Indigo range of printing machines. The maximum reelwidth is 762 mm of which 740 mm can be printed. This allows the digital printing technique to really make a step forward in the packaging industry, as it opens doors to new applications. Both PET, BOPP and many other substrates can be printed and laminated to the sealing layer of your preference. This technique is especially interesting for volumes starting from 1000 m2. Multiple designs are possible, even within the MOQ of 1000 m2.

    The films are produced according to EU legsilation on food safety in our BRC certificated plants. Many different applications, top-seal, flowpack, pre-made pouches (doypacks).

    Feel free to challenge us and share your creative ideas with us. We will be happy to support you!


  • Packaging Innovations

    Come and see us at Packaging Innovations 2016 in Amsterdam. We will show you all the latest innovations in pre-made pouches and film on reels.


  • Launch Dutch Fresh Pack

    An existing expertise, a new concept. For years and years we have been supplying packaging to the Western European fresh food market from our mother company Dutch Pack International. Now we launch Dutch Fresh Pack in order to serve the fresh food industry even better. Our service has been taylored to the fresh food market with a matching portfolio of products. Contact us and experience our knowledge and service for yourselves.

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