CO² compensation

Our climate is changing!

Excessive emission of greenhouse gas contributes dramatically to climate change and global warming is one of the
leading contributors to rising sea levels and changes in water management regimes. If we don’t respond, the global
environmental, economic and social impacts will be enormous.

During transport and production of the packaging material we supply, we also emit CO2. Reducing this emission by being more efficient and improving systems is a matter of continuous improvement and it is very important for Dutch Fresh Pack. Producing packaging materials without CO2 emission is not possible yet, but what we can do, is to compensate!

CO2 can be compensated by buying CO2-rights. These CO2-rights are created on all kinds of projects all over the world. For our most recent compensation project, we have bought CO2 rights that were created by helping people in Tanzania to change to cooking on biogas instead of the classic wood fire. With this project a lot of CO2 was prevented to emit. By investing in projects like this, one can compensate the CO2 emitted elsewhere. (for creating your packaging or product). There are many different kind of projects in which you can invest. Pick one that relates to your business or market. Here you can read more about the specific project in Tanzania.

With support from our partner Climate Neutral Group, we can analyse the amount of CO2 that needs to be compensated for your project. It is also possible to use our “CO2 Neutral”-logo, or to claim on your packaging that it is CO2 neutral.


If you would like to receive additional information, please contact us.